Artist Bio

Amma Ateria

Amma Ateria (Jeanie Aprille Tang) is an electroacoustic composer, improviser, and sound artist born in Hong Kong, based in California. Her work explores themes in the coexistence of polarity, polyrhythmic occurrences in musique concrète, and psychoacoustics with focus in equal-loudness contour. With an immediacy of tension and release, her performances navigate between oppositions from one end to another through inversions of stark transitions, transforming deafening of noise into meditative stance. Her research focus in the delta between objective / subjective perceptions of sound pressure level through velocity simulation, noise colours in electronic synthesis, and behavioral assignments with multi-channel systems. With memories of condensed cities, she gravitates to frequencies of close-ranged aircrafts, inaudible conversations, out of body experiences, sustained harmonics intersected with musique concrète, synthesized speed of air, and distorted speech/lost voice.