Artist Bio


Jeff Carey

Jeff Carey is a self taught computer programmer, educated in Audio Technology (American University, DC) and Sonology (Institute for Sonology, Royal Conservatory, The Hague, Netherlands), who makes hardcore digital music using a joystick, a gamer keypad and occasionally an array of strobe lights. Computer based synthesis, noise and improvisation combined with a no-safety-net approach to gestural control makes his music totally physical and visceral. No overdubs and no backing vocals.

Precursor to Hypercube

Precursor to Hypercube is an installation side chain experience for four people that lasts roughly 4 minutes in duration and hovers between a thrill heist and a fever dream. This is a hard boiled mini chamber; an extremely intimate perceptual distortion tank that envelopes the perceiver with high intensity, full spectrum input. Sign up for a special appointment online or in the lobby if you dare! Not for the faint at heart either! For those seeking some harrowing Halloween...