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Ryo CM-AV export 3+

Ryoichi Kurokawa

Ryoichi Kurokawa is a true poet of the transformative cinema, lyrically transfiguring the analogic representations of perceived nature into digital streams of vertiginous imagery & emotion. The architecturally crafted precision of his sensitively synched fragmentary images placed side by side on our retina, tends to displace the persistence of blurred memory under the effect of boundless luminosity.


Adapted from Kurokawa’s longer "cm:av_c" concert program from the mid 2000's - the RML ”CrossMedia" archive expansion module consolidates & repurposes some essential excerpts from this full hour production in full 10 channel surround. It is like seeing it all over again for the very first time. A timeless and powerful passage through thirteen minutes of Ryoichi's initial leap to prominence.

RML ryo 3

Parallel Head

A seminal Kurokawa project from the later 2000's gets the full panoramic treatment with the rapid fire "Parallel Head" - a real head turner in the 360-degree version. Here Ryoichi upshifts his dynamic blip fast data pings to tidal waves of transitory, contradictory elastic tempo's which are re-assembled in a sudden and surprising dramaturgy of a distinctly indivisible concordance with electrochemical sub-narrative temporalities.

ORBIT STUDY export 9+

Orbit Study

Kurokawa’s work ORBIT premiered at Mutek 2012. This work explores a strange new alternate earthworld as it rotates, contracts and spans various panoramic vicinities.